Abudefduf saxatilis

This is more aggressive than the other damsels. The sergeant-major can live to an age of 5 years or more in captivity. It eats mainly brine shrimps, mussels, and chopped shrimps. Size: 15-17 cm.


Novices are advised to start with the "blue damsels" group. Chromis (the blue-green damsel) is active and lives in groups, sorr=ti,v,=o by the males. It accepts artificial food. Chrysiptera parasema (azure di Glyphidodontops hemicyaneus) is a robust species which lays eggs in captivity. The female can sometimes lay more than 200 eggs, and is then ejected from the nest by the male, which takes on the task of guarding it. Hatching occurs after 1 week. This fish will accept commercial food.

Chrysiptera parasema caerulea

Chromis caerulea

Chrysiptera parasema caerulea

Chromis caerulea


Occasional variations in color and name changes can lead to confusions in this group, especially in the species that are predominantly blue.

The latter includes a blue-green damsel, while the blue damsels can present yellow coloring on the tail and belly, although this varies from one specimen to another. They are all easy to acclimatize and feed, and they reproduce in captivity - all these factors endear them to beginners.

The second group of damsels is distinguished by its vertical black bands (genus Dascyllus', 6 or 7 species are currently imported).

The third group covers the Abudefduf genus - including the species sometimes known as "devils" - which are less common in aquariums.


The young domino damsels live in groups, while the adults gradually isolate themselves. The white spots disappear in older fishes. Their reproduction is easy; the male watches over the eggs. Size: 14 cm. •

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