Calloplesiops altivelis

The marine beta grouper has a majestic bearing, in keeping with its placid, rather shy nature. It cohabits with species of the same size and feeds on live prey, ground mussels, and small fish. In aquariums, it seeks out dark nooks and crannies. Its eyesight is exceptional. Size: 15-18 cm. •

Calloplesiops Altivelis




The dorsal and anal fins of young batfish are disproportionately large, making their body higher than it is long. As they reach adulthood, they gradually adopt a circular form. Slow and easy to acclimatize, they are, however, aggressive toward other batfish. They grow very quickly, with some adults reaching heights of 75 cm and weights of around 25 kg.


The red batfish must be kept with peaceful species if its fins are to remain intact. Its diet consists of small live or frozen prey. Some related species are also widely available.

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