There are around thirty species of crawfish in the world, distributed across the temperate and subtropical zones. Although some European species can adjust to tropical aquariums, it is advisable to let them remain in the wild as the regulations concerning their entrapment are strict.

Procamburus clarkii

One crawfish, Procamburus darkii, the Louisiana crawfish, has been imported by a number of countries. It can cause a great deal of damage as it is fossorial and burrows in river banks.

It grows quickly (starting to reproduce at the age of 7 or 8 months) and is highly adaptable, as it tolerates a wide range of temperatures and requires little oxygen. Many of the imported specimens come from South-East Asia, where there are red and blue varieties.

It is omnivorous and can attack plants and fish, as well as other crustaceans. It is therefore best to keep a single specimen, even if the aquarium is very big and endowed with hiding places. Size: 15 cm.

Procamburus clarkii

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