Lutjanus sebae

The red emperor snapper lives close to corals. The adults, which are often solitary, are not always able to tolerate each other. This species must be put in a large tank with suitable hiding places. Size: 20-30 cm.

Lutjanus Sebae


Adioryx Cornutus

Lutjanus sanguineus The blood red snapper has a good appetite and appreciates small fish. The juveniles have a dark band running from the eye to the base of the dorsal fin, but this is not very evident in adults. Size: 30-35 cm.

• Ocyurus chrysurus

The yellowtail snapper is native to the tropical Atlantic. This strong swimmer likes to eat fish and small crustaceans. Rarely found in aquariums (regrettably, because it is a magnificent species), it needs a large tank, proportional to its size. It must be kept alone. Size: 30-40 cm.

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