ertain species of mollusks can be kept with fish, and sometimes with oth invertebrates, so they are popular among hobbyists.

Gastropods Cypraea tigris

The species found in the aquarium trade are mainly carnivorous and feed on mussels or fish. There are others which graze the algae on the decor.


The highly decorated shell of the Cypraea is much prized by collectors. In aquariums the porcelain-like shell is only visible when the mollusk is at rest; when they are active, it is covered by the mantle (the most external part of the body), containing the sensitive organs. Two species are sometimes found on the market, both with a carnivorous tendency: the tiger Cypraea (Cypraea tigris), over 10 cm in length, and the geographical Cypraea (C. mappa), which rarely exceeds 7 cm. They are mainly active at night. Other species

Small gastropods can sometimes be introduced on live rocks; they are not difficult to keep, as they are herbivores. In contrast, the species belonging to the Murex genus eat by piercing the shell of other mollusks, so they can be fed small mussels, shelled or intact.

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