Other Cyprinidae Balantiocheilus Epalzeorhynchus Tanichthys

As well as the groups already mentioned, which arc those most commonly obtainable from commercial outlets, there are a few other species of interest to the amateur aquarist.


Tranquil enough - even timid - except with its own species, the flying fox is a bottom-feeder. It has not yet been successfully bred in the aquarium. A closely related species, E. siamensis or Siamese flying fox, has the reputation of keeping down green algae which can sometimes proliferate; it is distinguishable from E. kallopterus by the longitudinal black band running along the middle of the body only as far as the caudal fin. Size: 10-15 cm.

• Tanichthysalbonubes

The common name of this small fish is the white cloud mountain minnow. Beginners will find it worth trying for its sturdy constitution: it can withstand temperatures as low as 18°C. It is also simple to breed from, as the parents do not eat the eggs. Size: 5 cm.


You will need a large tank for the bala or tricolor shark, which revels in swimming and can leap out of the water. There is no evidence that it has been successfully bred in the aquarium. Size: 20-30 cm. •

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