These are better known as hermit crabs. Some tropical species can be found commercially, some of them bearing a small anemone on the gastropod shell which houses them. The shell is discarded when it becomes too small for the growing animal, so it is vital to provide bigger ones, as, unlike other crustaceans, a pagurid's abdomen is not protected by a carapace that it makes itself.


These are not very easy species to acclimatize. It is possible to keep one small specimen at most, which will often live away from the light. They are herbivores that sift the substrate looking for algae to eat. In among the prickles it is possible to see the articulated pedicellariae, which end either in a tiny pincer for trapping

"Live rocks" are covered with many small organisms (worms, Coelenterates) which would be difficult to introduce into an aquarium in any other way. •

food or a sucker. The latter allows sea urchins to develop on rigid supports or the glass sides of the tank.

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