Somewhat unassuming, the regal angelfish loves to take shelter in nooks and crannies. In the wild it feeds on sponges; in an aquarium, it must be supplied with small food items: brine shrimps, mussels, and chopped shrimps. Size: 25 cm. •

Dwarf angelfish or Centropyges

These also belong to the Pomachantid family and share its characteristic spine. They are mainly native to the Indo-Pacific region, where they frequent the coral reefs taking shelter in caves or under overhangs. Territorial; they can be aggressive with members of their own species, or with Centropyges with a similar coloring. They are sociable with other fish and respect invertebrates. They are rarely longer than 12 cm and require an aquarium of at least 200 liters, equipped with places to hide. Their natural diet mainly consists of algae; in captivity, a vegetable diet of spinach and lettuce can be topped off with small, live prey, especially crustaceans.

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