Softened water and osmosed water

Domestic softeners produce water in which the calcareous salts are trapped by a special resin but, on the other hand, they are loaded with other substances, such as sodium. Their use is not recommended for aquariums. Osmosed water, very slightly mineralized, is obtained by using an osmoser connected to a supply of drinking water. A special membrane allows this machine to retain several substances, including calcium-based salts. The water obtained in this way is of great use to the aquarist. However, it is important to calculate your individual requirements, as an osmoser represents a substantial investment which is not really essential for a hobbyist with only a few aquariums.

Limit for drinking water African Great Lakes

Hard water

Central America Pyrenees/Atlantic

Moderately hard water

Soft water


Distilled water

Water is unfit for any use over 33┬░GH

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