TetraodonpalembangensisorT biocellatus Tetraodontidae

Several related species are marketed under the general name of Tetraodon; T. palembangensis is known as the figure-eight puffer. When threatened, all species can inflate their bodies with air and water to intimidate the enemy; they have teeth, and can feed on mollusks and crustaceans. Tetraodon reticulatus (reticulated puffer) is aggressive and frequents distinctly saline waters. It accepts live prey or meat-based foods; it is not known to breed in captivity. Size: 8-10 cm.



Adults of the spotted scat can survive in fresh water, but are much less active than in salt conditions. This is a gregarious fish which requires vegetable supplements. The species 5. rubifrons (tiger scat) is probably only a variety of 5. argus. Scats are much more prone to disease if kept in fresh water, and thrive best in brackish or saltwater aquariums. Appears not to have been bred successfully by hobbyists; in any case, only reproduces in brackish water. Size: 20-25 cm.

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