The Aquarium An Alternative Approach To Ecology

A closed system like this lends itself particularly to the understanding of ecology, providing an excellent introduction to a branch of science which emerged in the 19th century but has acquired a high profile only in the last twenty or so years. It is not concerned simply with Man and his world, as many believe, but covers all the mechanisms regulating relationships between living creatures and their environments, so that all can live in harmony.

• Salmonidae in LeBugue Aquarium. Public aquariumshave an important role to play, offering unrestrictedaccess to the beauty of this miniature world.

Aquarium Guide

Water; a haven for life

Without water, there would be no life on our planet. Excessively pure water, however, does not enhance the development of living organisms, as it is the elements contained within water that make this possible. Getting fish and plants to live and reproduce in an aquarium therefore requires some basic knowledge of the characteristics of water, which, although a constant presence in our daily existence, is often little understood as an environment that supports living organisms.

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