The aquarium

The bigger it is, the easier it is to acclimatize the invertebrates. Do not consider a tank of under 300 liters for a medium-sized anemone, accompanied by its clown fish. A volume of

400-500 liters is the absolute minimum for a tank containing several species of invertebrates. A maximum height of 50 cm is recommended to allow the light to penetrate, as well as making it easier for the aquarist to intervene. It makes sense anyway to install as large a tank as possible, as your enthusiasm for these creatures is bound to grow.

Mounting a tank almostentirely composedof invertebrates, with a few fish added, requiresample knowledge of these animals. •


The pH in a coral tank sometimes undergoes slight but regular decreases. When it drops to under 8.3, it can be raised with sodium carbonate. Dissolve 5 g in 1 liter of water, and add 1 ml of this solution to each

liter of clean water. This process is repeated every day until a pH of 8.3 is obtained. There are also some ready-to-use solutions for this purpose available in the aquarium trade.

• Easy-to-usetests make it possible to control water quality, which must be perfect in aninvertebrate tank.

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