Tropical marine habitats

Tropical sea water is renowned for its clarity, its transparency allows light to penetrate deeply enough to illuminate firstly the shallow reef areas (up to 10 m) and then the lower slopes (up to 40 m). The fish in these regions, renowned for their vivid colors, thrive in the turbulent and well-oxygenated waters. They share this environment with a wide variety of invertebrates, such as the famous corals - this generic term covers both true corals and similar species - and anemones. The tentacles of some of the latter contain micro-algae (Zooxanthellae) which, like all algae, need light, explaining why these anemones are found in well-lit waters.

Thegenerous dimensions of this aquaterrarium can housewater turtles as a complement to severalspecies of fish

The tropical freshwater aquaterrarium

These days aquarists are not just concerned with water but often incorporate an adjoining piece of land. Though aquaterrariums are quite tricky to design, the results can often prove spectacular. The aquatic element requires skills similar to traditional aquarium maintenance, while the cultivation of its terrestrial neighbor is not that different from looking after houseplants, except in a very humid setting. The former usually houses fish, but the latter can play host to amphibians, and even reptiles such as sea turtles.

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