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tomers simply didn't believe me.

The coloration of fish that have been dyed also generally fades over time. While the laser-based tattooing process seems to last far longer than other dying techniques, most of these fish will lose their coloration in a few months as well. Consider that when purchasing a parrot with the words "I LUV U" written across it, the dye will fade faster than your romance.

Pet Double Standards

For slme odd reason, these human alterations of fish are deemed acceptable. If someone was importing tattooed pin* poodles, legislation to stop it would quickly pass. Indeed, every year around Easter, someone tries selling blue ducklings and purple bunnies, and the public — or the law — is fast to intervene.

In a twist of irony, other brightly colored fish suffer from the reputation of these dyed fish.

Yet, these fish are imported and sold without so much as a raised eyebrow. Ultimately, any kind of legislation to stop this practice seems unlikely, particularly since the fish are not modified within the United States but instead overseas. United Kingdom legislation that prohibits the dying or other mutilation of fish has not prevented their importation, and legislation here will likely contain similar loopholes or lack of enforcement.

Don't Buy Dyed Fish!

As consumers we have the ultimate voting power in our purses and wallets. When any aquarium store is asked why they sell these fish, they'll often reply that they don't like them, but people buy them. "If I don't sell them, someone else will." In an economy where aquarium stores are closing left and right, it is only understandable that a store focus on its bot-

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