Plants require phosphate as a nutrient source during their life cycle, and they may compete with algae for available phosphate.

lanthanum is heavily overdosed it can precipitate calcium and cause the aquarium to become very cloudy and adversely affect calcium levels. It should also be noted that different manufacturers have different ways of processing their products. Some lanthanum-based products can be harmful if the aquarist is not careful.

Generally, this is because these lanthanum-based products are designed for use in the swimming pool industry rather than for use with aquatic animals. There is one lanthanum product designed specifically for use in the public aquarium industry called LA-35, with more than five years of use with marine mammals, tropical fish (freshwater and saltwater) and reef invertebrates; however, this product has not yet entered the aquarium hobby in any significant way.

Nature's Way

The natural method of phosphate removal — that of using aquatic plants in an aquarium setup — is enjoying a bit of a renaissance. This method of algae control is not very developed in the freshwater aquarium hobby. Pondkeepers use this method of natural filtration, creating plant-filled bogs through which the pond water passes. The plants in the bog area consume the phosphates and other nutrients that might be used by algae, returning relatively nutrient-free water to the pond.

This system of biological phosphate removal can most commonly be found in the marine and reef aquarium hobby. For decades, algal turf scrubber filters performed as filters for marine systems. The simplicity of the

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