Tuesday every month at 7 p.m. Bristol Public Library 5 High St. Bristol, Ct. All tropical fish enthusiasts are welcome. Monthly speakers, bowl show and auctions. Call (860) 584-7787 or, Wally or Sue ^(860) 27|ll75; [email protected] Visit us at;

AMERICAN LIVEBEARER ASSOC. β€” Bi-monthly publications, species maintance program, access to various types of livebearers, annual convention, special publications, slides and more. For more information, contact: Timothy Brady, 5 Zerbe St., Cressona, PA 17929; http://

ARE YOU INTERESTED IN PLANTED AQUARI-UMS?β€”The Aquatic Gardeners Association, the world's largest English-language planted aquarium organization is growing with the hobby and would like you to grow with us. Visit www. for more information.

ARE YOU SOMEWHERE? β€” Then you can join the Dallas-Fort Worth Aquatic Plant Club. Monthly meetings and speakers. Annual dues: $20 individual/$25 couples in DFW area; $10 elsewhere in Texas; $5 anywhere else. Contact; [email protected] or visit; www.

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