t to enhance^Uij1 nutritional vj^ of fish Fûr>ds For all marlnt arid freshw.a(er fishes.

AvaflflSwSfl fjnp 3i w riagnave® co^ <Fifoffi n tfrrfri&ti I» un.-; àtndtre --rtittt ■ConrolßiG lethn.Ml speciiicaMu'iL ni wv.w nqjiriumiilfMtiLjn üe


A Superior

Algae Removal System

For tanks From V4" to 1 thick

S^/Jii^d lUtiish Cleans behind trim & cover

Ctean & protect acrylic

Clean glass & provide a base for Acryiicare Pads

Make cleaning euen e&ier For glnss and acrylic

Use the HI ATT and completed

■ Refaces Arunoflu. Piiosphi

Ho Ci uarium System iur tank in a day


During ihe pneduilksn<t«, 1*»' ingnrdlcnlj Uliiljttd in m«l prtp^irrf food* (C-^- Tjktt. pollen, cfwinDles, etcJ undergo ««reini heat

¿/id preiturpi [hiii* I-."1 r"j rly I lew Ll'iL-y tomi1 lu Ijl'

* honiogenotii sutwtance when ill « Hid and done. The drawbar toihn proceii Is chat ingredient! mtiim»ii jnd imlno Jirc l->r|.11y- destroyed «couiring that (he "nanuf«--mrtr I'liluntf the rmlaiure Mthi rtiuih lar-ger qwinlHyOf, ind/m Jpfjy-COli (he pi [hi; food: vjith. these ingredients as a means of com-P-iti .¿-Tiuri we it taking it a rap further: getting (hi irtpiiftOffl ornlnirs ¡n<0 Lhr fuorf (r.^hcr than 1 List costing the food with [hernial the best p&siible nine: immediately before you feed youi fish, Fciturmg concen(ratid fr« fomi jirirvn j-tids in the sane ratios that (f ev «cur with^ [hi' ildrt liiiuf Lil r'l-.HL'v MuAukj Iiriividcs mMimym benefit to ftfh in A Mirv ckmcnury fashion. The lesuhs are enhanced growth and irri[)K/VL'il ittlAiA^n MllVOdt KofmCrfKi). for jdd4wridl food cnhance-niern. ;opibinc w*lh Bnghrwell Aquatics Vh*wu*N-C G -f. ■. Pcwa, and

Av.Ovmj. fish nulntirSn is ¿A t'vulvlhtf fluid;

Brightwoll AqiHtics's evolving with it

1DL Hiatt Distrib it: 56.2 4 23-9971 Fax eh, California SÙftftT-Û475 -J SA I-4M8 E-msil:[email protected]

Perfect for your aquarium return lines. Ditcn How to parts of your aquarium [Iiat iiL'L'd it must. Adjustable - Modular - Flexible www. m od ul arh os c-conn

■■■1QQ7 Örtghtwclfitjuaufi. All righis.reserved. ClUwiisi, PA P; S7Û.7W.Ï4T4 F


DTS Concentrated Marine Phytoplankton

Kent Marine Maxxima Ro/Dl HiS

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