Bäk Pak Hang On Skimmer

Features side by side skimmer/sump for sumpless Fish or Berlin systems Continuous Siphon Overflows In sump Skimmers/ Wet drys

Reef Devil Gemir 600

800 Gemini 1400 Gemini

Environmental Tower Scrubber

Reef Devil 3 24" to 125 gal.

to 250 gal. 6" to 300 gal. 26" tall to 400 gal. Guaranteed Lowest price! Larger models available!

Turboflotor 1000

sump skimmer that uses needle wheel technology to create ultra fine bubbles. Includes Rio 2100. Up to 250 gallons. 13"x7"x21"H

Turboflotor HOB

Hang on the back model complete with pump. Call (or details

Kent Marine

The Technology Leader...why pay more...?

New Generation 60 gpd membrane removes 99% of Silica, with superior removal of phosphate, nitrates, etc. Available as complete RO units, replacement membranes, or as Hi-S '' RO/DI with Silicamax™ Deionization cartridge



TFC 10, 25 gpd ^^^^^^

3 STAr

TFC 25, gpd ^


TFC 25, 50, 100 gpd


60, 120 gpd

All membranes pre-tested and guaranteed

We stock membranes, filters, Cati/Ani resins and parts for

ALL RO manufacturers...why pay more?

Booster pumps, Drinking water kits, DI retro Kits, ASO kits, floats, parts and accessories.

Now stocking Kent additives and Modular Pipe ya iWIPIWP^I^iP

PH 180 PH 400 PH 800hp I'll 2100

PH 200 PH 600 PH 1700 I'll 2500hp

138 gph 200 gph 642 gph 748 gph

Call for Professional Advice and Guaranteed Lowest Price-We are hobbyists that use the products we sell.

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