TH^EISK DOCTORS Three locations: (1) 2703 Washtenaw Ave.,Ypsilanti, MI 48197, (734) 4341030; Fax:||734) 434-3977; (2) 8689 N. Lilley Rd., Canton, MI 48187, (734) 416-0876, (3) 2019 W. Road. Trenton, MI 48183. (734) 6756100; Fax: (734) 461-0885. The area's premiere aquatic specialists. Daily shipment from around the world. Saltwater fish, corals, inverts, live rock, freshwater fish including oddballs, cichlids, large fish, live plants, hi-tech equipment in stock: wet/drys, protein skimmers, eco-systems, kalk reactors, ozonizers, UV sterilizers. Deluxe lighting distributors for Hamilton and JBJ. Professional design, installation, consulting and maintenance. www.fishdoctors.com

TROPICORIUM.INC. — Michigan's largest marine reef store — 50,000 gallons, home of the 9 for $99 (plus shipping). Tank raised corals from our farm shipped in the U.S. only. (734) 782-2622. 9-5 EST; www.tropicorium.com

PET CONNECTION — Large selection of common and unusual marine fish. Hi-tech reef supplies. Sunlight Supply, Ushio, URI , HQI, power compact & T5 lighting. Aqua-C protein skimmers, ecosystem filtration, top brand UV sterilizers, elect. testing equip. and more. All in stock! Quality inverts, captive grown Xenia, Acropora, etc. Apistogrammas & other S.A. cichlids. Rare Malawi/Tanganyika African cichlids, plecos, community fish & other FW varieties. Common and rare FW plants. Custom aquarium design, filtration, plumbing and installation for glass or acrylic aquariums. We drill glass aquariums in shop! 29551 5-Mile Rd., Livonia, MI 48154, (734) 525-1270.

Aquarium and Fish Care Tactics

Aquarium and Fish Care Tactics

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