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G12 Pin Typo Singe one But»

150 watt 2000W<

Double ended 150 watt. ZOOOO'K

PRO-HEAT Dr58 CONTRO (LED rikdjäm*

BHH-Water lemp

• Power cord with quick disconnection from ballast to hood (fixture)

• independent ON I OFF control of ballast

• 15 foot long heavy duty tamp cord

• Included 150 watts. 14000K blue spodtrum to eliminate the use of fluorescent blue actinic.

• UL approved ballast

• 150 watt G12 single ended H.Q.I metal halid« bulb that can Increase the penetrating power of the lamp (The lumen of the focus Is equal to 400 watt metal ha lido lamp)

• UV absorbing tempered lens

• Rust proof aluminum hood

• Easy to adjust height and angle

• Very shine 15* rust proof reflector

• Available of 150 watt 20000* K of G12 (upon request)

• 14000" K Coral Plus: 14000' K coral blue is our standard manne tube These were specifically deigned for growth sps corals down to a deptt of 600 mm This concentration of &ght energy (actinic range DeaXog at 460 mm) is essential for tho survt/al and good hoalth of fish, co-ais arxs invertebrates In marine and reef aquanums

- ProvxJe the specific specf/urn (400 - 480 mm) for zooxanthaiae symbiosis to develop

• Es&ental for the survval and good heal» of marine and reef aquanum.

• 20000-K D»op Ocean Blue: 20000*X drop ocean bue om s h>gh levels at actinic light with writing the UV-A. which creates a very peasant fluorescent effect on corals. Invertebrates and exotic martne fish.

• More blue acinic light

• Re-creates fluorescent effect bnt»ar*tty

• UVA creates fluorescence

- Promotes growth of Invertebrates

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