■ ■ Uvel N'Ln:v : ■ i! ic-1 er m ■ RbBfly cycle any aquarium in under a week, Yas, rcaJtyl 0 Aquarium C . ■ ■ it- r - Voir dean it., or thebactoria docs iL The choice is yours! 0 Crtoflnc Rwnovcr X-Tra! - No risk, all reward, Wstcr e kind of a tog iJcsJ, O Cl anej ■ See your aquarium in "HD"! Glass and acrylic liawe never hjoked better!

Nitrifying Bacteria o fteafnitrifiersl O Instant cycling! o Erase ammonia spikes! o Erase nitrite spikes! o Prevent "biological crash!" o After medicating o Fresh and salt formulas! o No refrigeration required!

Magnet. MoUht

Nano I

Sli(lFr FtBn Pinnp

Electronic Controller

■ Built-in aula highilow speed

■ triable liming l&tco to 30 min

FC!*-:., ¡^nü'-'.KiütHlA' urwt h /;■. rF lr..-u P^innpi

Uh III glHt«od nnrytidinn r.:- ■. :r I I-Ii pun p .inywliurn inlfl Ho mo I M-linif sycUofi iujijl^' Nl- mint nnfiigNHy livWlS; 1

AtfwTflHfr BI4 MwJE

O^cmii iompalitile

Wnler Jevel «mlrol

110 0ilio«s per Hour pump

"•■iju E-ti. . ver .:; R venlun -.ilh exclusive airiV iler mbdnf] chanter Simple Iriataiiarjan and compact design File' ca'+ridgE With ac-livaleö carbon For a luar urrrs up tn : :. gallons

11 Avon id w uybf rhjJ piling

- Magnet Mount Included j^fc * Ceramic Shaft

- High Flow Rate

- Energy Efficient

- PROP Impeller Rotor -UL Listed

- Single or dual outputs - Energy efficient, high flaw tow voltage water pump Bi-directional outputs to simulate natural wave and current art ions of the ocean - P re -p ro gram med in a I t setl fngs to gradually increase flow ■ - Variable lime and output settings ■ Magnet Mount1* included

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