2. Remove as «uct. of the chwinc, chMm heavy «tais and dissolved organic! before u. ^

a Require chemical f ; nation msdia to b e t a b: e i ng heav y m rais,

4, Resist the peer pressure to use reverse osmosis, de-ion evaporation make up vater

L I. > I ^^ I I H bid I I I MK I i n ■flRJ I I | I 1 '

5. Rectify the loss of calcium, magnesium and alkaUnity during tap water on process.

3ter nfater water ftItraflon sys t< moves heavy metáis, dissol ved organic^ chfoHne. c hi Oram i res from jtáp wateii'^

KoW Sfer-H 3 canuta r wa ter f I des t he hlq heat water qua 11 ty from you r tap withou t removing calcium, magntsi jw or alkalinity

Co I y-Fllte r Ked u ce s t he n e e ¡1 f or water conditioning by selective adsorption of excess heavy n als and organiMwou or existing filtration system.

I <0606-3733

^010 (M TW rai S id i Cu UB7 WMfptUï-OfcurHnrt orr. is [Tu 11 rr.aligpoty-EHCv-ír.aiirrf' am

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^010 (M TW rai S id i Cu UB7 WMfptUï-OfcurHnrt orr. is [Tu 11 rr.aligpoty-EHCv-ír.aiirrf' am

(fcp Poly-Bio-Marine, Inc

The Art of Design in Water Purification Estabfished 1976

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Crustaceans such as these white banded coral shrimp (Stenopus hispidus) may make for little more than a tasty snack to a snowflake eel. So, unless you're willing to part with them, it might be wise to house them separately.

tha^sinkkad came, sickeningly, to jUlize the expression "slippery as an eel" is as about as true as an expression can get. There was simply no way I P^uld get ahold of our ribbon eel with my hands.

Down the plugholeji||w£nt. What a survivor. Between wanting to throw-up ■nd wondering if we had a monkey wrench, I dismantled the bathroom plumbing. Maybe I could find our missing friend in the U-bend. Is that not where they find missing engagement rings in sitcoms? In any event, the good ship Rabin was set to depart for warmer climes in about six hours, and I had the bathroom in pieces. I never did find our friend.

Finally, Our Snowflake

As any good father would do, I lied ^bout the whole thing. My wife cried. We resolved not to tell the children anything and were intent on replacing our lovely ribbon eel with a hardy snowflake on our return. The fact that we were able to keep a fish recommended only for the advanced aquar-ist was small consolation.

On our return to Canada, after a terrific visit to the Tennessee Aquarium and a delightful stay in a town that I had thought Glen Miller had made up, Chattanooga, I emptied the skimmer of the most disgusting stuff I had ever seen (we had left the care and feeding of the cats and fish to friends who had never had a cat or a fish). The tank looked just fine after a little wildow cleaning and a top-off of water. It was time for eel number two, and this time we'd get the right one.

Soon, our snowflake was home and indeed adopted the very same home as our sorely missed white ribbon and all has been well ever since. After being fed a variety of raw seafoods every other day, it's become a rather happy camper. Snowflakes are known for their taste in crabs and other crusties, but, so far — knock on wood — we've had no casualties. Snowflake, for that's what we've named it — is about 6 inches long at the moment and is really quite a shy little fellow, unlike the sociable ribbon eel. But it has become an interesting, if hobbitlike, inhabitant of our new 55.

We made some missteps along the way and lost two fish, but the adventure overall was both fun and informative for my son and I. U

Jeff Rabin, Ph.D., and his young son, David, maintain a 55-gallon African cichlid tank and a 55-gallon marine tank.

Protean filtration ¿ijstem

Hffective filtration for the »mailer tank JO to gallon» * Powerful Downdraft skimming *Simplc set up and maintenance *Vcrsatile sump can be used in a

Refugium, Berlin, or Biological capacity *Holding station for 3 probes, 1 heating element, and an installed John Guest fitting for dosing

www.superski m

Reef Devil Skimmer Size: 21*Hx7*Wx7*L

Reef Devil Deluxe Size 23*H x 7"W x 7"L

Versatile use for between 50 and 120 gallons We've brought back the hand made acrylic injector» Gate Valve Kit includes exit sponge to eliminate air bubbles 10 years of reliable service Powerful skimming in compact form. Deluxe comes with installed John Guest fitting and waste outlet fitting, and larger sized acrylic cup. Can be ordered with quality Cataiina or Mag 7 pumps. Can be used with or without sump. Can bo used in or out of sump.

Treats up to 600gallons Size 11» Lx 11" Wx 23" U k High quality construction " Out flow Phosphate Rcactor

* Self Filling Bubble Counter

* PH Probe Holder

* Blueline 20 HP Pump k Six Months of Quality Testing with Results from 480 to 500+ppm

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