dual-method ~ approach to ^ Coralline Algae ^ acceleration

1) Ionic calcium: In,mcci ¿lyraises^k dlsso v«d calcium levals in vou aquarium watBr 2) 10 micron aragonitc targets the live rock ' surface where it dissolves in situ, delivering calp strontium, ^mmmStL > magnesium and ' carbonate right where its needed. *

Sr«= Strontium Ca- Calcium COa ■ Carbonate Mg • Magnesium


Aragonite Crystal Biofilm

U.S. Patent Rock


or Coral Surface

Qnßfea^ 772.4611113 • Ft Pierce. Fl USA • www.carib-sea.eom[email protected]


Coralline Algae Accelerator replaces the \

typical multi- \

So product recipe for \

revolutionary, # /successful coralline algae>

/ and was awarded 9 calcium

/ "Best New Product of the \ your reef,

Snowflake moray eel (Echidna nebulosa) by Scott W. Michael


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Col mns

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