REEFLO Dart REEFLO Barracuda REEFLO Hammerhead REEFLO Manta Ray REEFjQPjfc^hark


606^^600 gph o080 250 gph 600' 1850 gph 100 3175 gph 6200 5283 gph 6300 7925 gph

NanoStreams coming soon! Many more Tunze accessories in stock.

3600 gph 4500lph 5800 gph

5200 gph-pumps to 55' 5200 gph-p^ps to 84


T1 540

T2 650 gph

T3 800 gph

T4 1200 gph

The quietest pumps we've ever seen.


Over 180 different models in stock!!

Let us help you pick your new >ump. We've been sizing for hobbyists and irofessionals for 'er 20 years.

ampion Lighting & Supply 291 North Main Street Ambler, PA 19002 800-673-7822

[email protected]

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