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New!! Synthetic Sun Parabolic Reflectors The Ultimate in Metal Halide Reflectors

Space Age Coating Increases Reflectivity

Standard Polished Aluminum 81.89% @ 420 nm 83.11% @ 550nm

Hoods Mini-Hoods Pendants

Champion Lighting & Supply Manufacturer, Distributor,

The Aquarium Lighting Experts & D ea I e r I n q U i ri es

1-800-673-7822 • (215) 643-2700 • Fax: (215) 643-2005 Welcome.

aqua mart — New Products for Today's Aquarist

ATI Powermodule T5 HighOutput Fluorescent Fixture

The design of the Powermodule T5 High-Output Fixture by ATI provides high output with low electrical consumption. This fixture comes complete with true parabolic reflectors, built-in electronic ballasts, a cooling fan for each pair of bulbs, protective acrylic shield, adjustable hanging kit and two power cords allowing for independent lamp control. Handcrafted in Germany. For more information, contact ReefGeek at (866) 295-9230; e-mail: [email protected]\ website:

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