Underwater World specializes in import and sales of the highest quality marine fish, coral and invertebrates. This specialization in livestock allows us to concentrate on maintaining consistent quality and variety, so you can receive healthy fish as well as high fill rates.

Our 75,000 gallon state-of-the-art facility next to LAX is considered to be one of the finest in the world, ensuring the highest water quality for our livestock inventory.

You can select from 70 to 100 specials each week and be assured of receiving healthy, top quality fish, coral and invertebrates at great prices.

Our accurate stock list is updated daily to our website or sent by fax or email upon request. Place your order directly on our website or by fax/phone and we'll keep track of your shipment until it arrives safely at your airport. Call us today for a current price list.

5242 West 104th St. Los Angeles, CA 90045 • 310.670.1502 •

-J The World's Wholesale Source for Premium Aquarium Products

Finest Quality, Biggest Selection, Best Prices!

Finest Aquarium Systems

EASY to Install and Operate, Attractive, Stylish Design, Quality Seamless Curved Glass for Optimum Viewing

State of the Art Chillers

Finest titanium chiller for freshwater or saltwater Mighty Pro Chiller

Finest Quality Lig

Metal Halide and T5 Fluorescent

Superior Protein Skimmers

• Best Design • Best Result • Best Performance

• Best Grade Acrylic • Best Construction* • Best Selection Metal Halide and Compact Fluorescent

WB Compact Fluorescent Only

Constant or Adjustable Flow Models

For prodUB inquiries:


® A division of EuroUSAGroup, Inc.

Visit: • Email: [email protected] USA Call today: 1-800-978-3480

USA Fax: 1-800-608-9511 • International Fax: +1-815-717-7800


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