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POINT® Nitrate Miiitofa a digJUHnstrument for asurement of s^o.' nitrate (^LDesiPei js 1 a precision spot-testing i. strumei with a rest ition o. .1 ppm in both the low (1-10 ppm^ind hii (1b-1P0 pmjpnjtrOle rO^^s. *

* See www.ameiïcanmaiïrkusa.com for

PINPOINT® Calcium,

IH is a precise digital instrument for Calcium measurement in saltwater systems. Generally used as a precision spot-testing instrument with possible continuous monitoring capabilities. The PINPOINT® Calcium Monitor will precisely determine the calcium level.*

PINPOINT® Monitors complete with Probes

Nitrate HP249

Calcium $249

Thermometer $35

ORP $109

Salinity $130

Freshwater Hardness. $125 Oxygen $289

PINPOINT® Controller complete with Probes pH $199

ORP $199

Temp $199

Calibration Fluids pH 4.0, 7.0, 10.0 Salinity 53.0 mS Conductivity 45pS Redox (ORP) 400 mv uine PINPOINT®

)cement Probes ^American Marine Inc

P" : 9 54 Danbury Road, Suite 172

ORP $59 Ridgefield CT 06877 USA

Oxygen $130 US Toll-free 800.925.4689

Calcium Element Tip. . $99 Fax/phone 914.763.5367

Nitrate $179 a11 monitors ^ www.americanmarineusa.com

Remote Temp Sensor. . $19 y po [email protected]

International & wholesale inquiries [email protected]

Accuracy • Innovation • Integrity

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