From Fishes to Riches

The aquarium maintenance industry is booming! Now's your opportunity to cash in and make a lot of money from a hobby you already enjoy. By installing and maintaining aquariums, I deposited $288,000 in 2001. My complete business plan and video package will guide you from start-up to success. Includes advertising materials, financial data, maintenance and rental contracts and much, much more. To be successful, you must be first, best and different - with Aquatech you can be all three. Visa/MC/Amex. Call (888) 887-FISH or Website: www.fishes2riches.com ©

HAVE AN IDEA? — If so, we are a national company working with ideas, inventions and products. Patent services. InventHelp™. (888) 439-IDEA; www.inventhelp.com

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Betta Fish

Betta Fish

This is not another general fish hobby ebook you come across often. This ebook has valuable information that comes from years of research by many experience experts around the world who share the same interest you and me have..... Betta Fishes.

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  • Ferumbras
    How much to startup an aquarium cleaning company?
    5 years ago

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