Pacific Coast Chillers

Pacific Coast chillers offer a great price, power and quality track record. These units are made with titanium heat exchangers. Digitally controlled for precise measurements of temperature.

PC-CL-85 CL-85 Electronic heater/chiller $189.95

PC-CL-280 Pacific dpist CL-280 1/10 HP Chiller $334.95

PC-CL-300 Pacific Coast CL-3000 1/10 HP Chiller (dual temp) 399.95

PC-CL-450 Pacific Coast 1/6 HP Chiller $439.95

PC-CL-650 Pacific Coast CL-650 1/4 HP Chiller (dual temp) $499.95

PC-C-050 Pacific Coast 1/2 HP Inline Chiller $899.95

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