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Omega One

Super Veggie Seaweed

• Made with the finest seaweed available

• Rich in natural vitamins and minerals

• Excellent veggie treat for all omnivores

• Resealable poly bag for lasting freshness

• Pre-cut pieces for ease of use and the elimination of waste


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Volume 31 #2 February 2GG8


Don Dewey, 1933-2000


Clay Jackson

Associate Editor

Ethan Mizer

Assistant Web Editor

Ben Weiner

Group Editor Russ Case

Associate Art Director

Michael Capozzi


Craig Horowitz

Territory Sales Manager, Great Lakes/East

Scott Berkowitz

Advertising Manager

Barbara Richardson

Senior Production Coordinator

June Weingart Consumer Marketing Manager

Ken Lu

Fulfillment Specialist

Nory Gomez

Sr. Circulation Marketing Specialist

Martine Evans

Prepress Team

Karen Bartz, Steve Thompson,


Imaging Team

.nk Esteinou, Pamela Hunnicutt

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