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With the paflg|of each day the young became increasingly independent, making pictures harder to get. When the camera came into view the fry quickly turned tail and hid anywhere they could. Brine shrimp made up the largest part of their diet with an sional portion of microworms ed for dessert. As the little fish gorged themselves I found that they lowered their defenses and allowed me to photograph them, albeit with a watchful eye. No longer did they belong to the microscopic world, because at a quarter of an inch they were easy to see. This made water changes quicker and easier to accomplish.

The aquarium remained unfiltered; I have discovered that young bettas fare better in calm water. It is also easier to keep a watchful eye on the little fry in an aquarium that is bare. Still, one day I noticed them jump when I passed by and my shadow was cast upon the tank, and it was then that I decided that something had to be



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