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Not all catfish are hulking monsters.

Discover their tiny side with these corys.

By Michael Hardman

Some individuals often describe strangB^things — such as Corydoras catfish — by referring to more familiar things like cars. If C. barbatus can be likened to a luxury ^sPQrts car and C. aeneus to a two-door hatchL '- v then C. s an-made SUV. CorydOras semiaquilus is a majestic fish. It has been known to science for more than 40 years, but it is still a relative newcomer to the aquarium scene. Stanley Weitzman, an ichthyologist at the Smithsonian Institution in Washingtv n, D.C., described it in 1964 from some Brazilian fish IBHect-ed in jungle rivulets. These tannin-stained streams flowed over sandy substrates containing pebbles and fallen leaves. Tannins are pigmented plant compounds that leach out of submerged leaves, seed pods and bark.

In the Wild

More recently, ichthyologists from the Academy of Natural Sciences in

While Corydoras semiaquilus has been known to scientists for 40 years, it isn't well-known in the hobby. This fact makes it an attractive species for those interested in seeking out new and unusual fish for their aquariums.

Philadelphia collected C. semiaquilus in teSI-firme (a Portuguese term meaning "dry upland forest," not to be confused with terra firma) streams 25 miles outside the jungle city of Iquitos, Peru. These clear streams were also stained with tannins and flowed over sandy substrates laden with organic debris and around jams of submerged wood. Being above the flood level, these streams were not inundated during the rainy season.

And while these streams most surely experienced increased water flow during periods of heavy rain, their chemistry and characteristics likely remain relatively constant throughout the year. Given this characteristic of their habitat, C. semi-aquilus are particularly well suited to live in home aquaria and adjust to life in captivity extremely well.

In the Aquarium

Their natural habitat can be easily simulated in the aquarium with washed silica sand, rounded pebbles and fallen leaves and branches collected from oak or beech trees in late autumn or early winter. Water quality is of paramount importance with this fish and regular water changes coupled with a mature canister filter should be included in the standard husbandry setup.

As with most Corydoras spp., the water temperature for C. semiaquilus should be somewhat cool at 72 to 76 degrees Fahrenheit. The water should also be slightly acidic with a pH of 6.5 to 6.8 and soft (GH 0 to 4). In other words, the tank water should be very similar to the shady jungle streams that C. semiaquilus calls home.

Peruvian ornamental fish exporters

sinking food

( The reason for wafer shaped diets if you use flake type food» or I losi ng :>ellets, the top/mldd'e feeders usually eat most of the food. Our w»fer shaped diets sink rapidly and make the nutritfon read ly available to your bottom-feeding pets!


We're not just for deoningop!

The leftovers from others cannot satisfy our hungeri

Corydoras catfish are popular because of their lovely shape and constant movement near the bottom of the aquarium.

Their small, downward facing mouth is designed to gulp food and their constant movement verifies they're always seeking something delicious to eat. Unfortunately the leftovers from their tankmates above are not sufficient to meet thei- nutritional requirements and can result in a shorter life span.

Hikarr* Tropical Sinking Wafers* have been specialty designed for bottom feeding fish Including Corydoras and offer the complete and balanced nutrition they require to live a long and healthy life

A complete & balanced <§et with enriched vitamins!

A result of precise payability research done at the Hikari* Aquatic Lab, the smell and taste of Sinking Wafers* immediately grab your fish's attention. They will promptly attack the nutrition rich wafers and be on their way to improved hea Ith.

After 30 initMtoL T»a tMpt <• trikb OTod txA tfx> «Vor

Oovotopod, prOOuCad *r<i t*Ck*9H in SHftan's fe*<tw to w* can bo auurad you J aWayi gal if* guaity you «-poet torn Hkarf«.

•i |*fl ^^ • Ncrti tr*i So» rrco-w a Utarl* Ortna Fsod

HiKom HiKflRisflLes us a. inc.

2S04 MeCer* Ava, Hayaard. CA TEL: (800) 621-5519

cf i a xct muiAj ship several species under the name C. semiaquilus, mainly to markets in the United States, Asia and Europe. The many different forms are marketed under a variety of names, including classic, Peru black, Brazil, super Peru, etc. From Iquitos alone, tens of thousands of C. semiaquilus and similar species are shipped around the world every month.

The typical price tag of C. semiaquilus is around $15 to $20. Choose individuals with bright eyes, full stomachs and that are actively foraging in the aquarium. A quarantine period of two weeks should be observed. During quarantine frozen insect larvae should be offered to the fish. The water quality needs to be kept very high as well to accelerate healing

This female Corydoras semiaquilus is touring the aquarium in search of the perfect spot to deposit the single egg it is carrying between its pelvic fins.


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