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Sand Mail is dedicated to those aquar-ists interested in using more natural filtration techniques. For answers to your questions on these methods (e.g., the Jaubert plenum, Berlin, Algal Turf Scrubber and/or various refugium methods), please contact Bob through FAMA or directly by email at [email protected].

t less than one-third the size of the main aquarium. And if possible, it should contain no major bed obstructions. I should note I have used my interconnected plenums to raise sponges, because they don't need light and are the best "sponge" filters, as they filter tremendous amounts of water helping to produce even better water quality in your main system.

The main system should have a shallow sandbed, about 1 to J|Mhes deep of J to 5 mm sand. Again, leave wide-open areas to vacuum this new bed monthly, as detritus will continue to accumulate. Even if some bacteria are killed in the vacuuming, they will quickly re^^^^^ish themselves (a day onfwo, sometimes much less). And as for the plenum bed, which does not need a dividing screen, maintain it as escribeA above.

Also, a quality protein skimmer is a must! As for a calcium reactor, if you have had very good success with a two-part additive, the reactor may not be necessary. However, you should monitor your calcium and alkalinity levels and keep them balanced. As for installing a plenum at aneightlBuffi-cient to vacuum the bed, my interconnected plenum in By 180-gallon tank was only 6 inches above the floor, and that was sufficient enough to create a vacuum. There is power-assisted vacuuming equipment available, but you'll have to search the Internet to find it.

As for the colt coral suddenly passing, I've experienced a similar situation a few years ago where I had a

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