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KNOP Calcium Reactors

Redesigned nnd improved, iiiey itfse AquaC'S Spray injection skimming to a new level in terms al efficiency, performance. and value Employs the pg=en1ed 'Spray Induclion Sysiem" Anows !he protein sKJrctmar to efficiently diiaw m much more air than any of the olheMop protein skimmers

Requiresminimal Inject^ CÖ2 without the con^fl icw aquarium pH ^B Provides the K:yöHfly c-i catefum. kk^^^H^

si-on t>u nVpÄaji imunn growttj^ftll ungate

¿¡ix'.n maifitaific^pÄi tfvels . ^cess of s1 ^ opi Includes L "Mm pump

IOP Cji:-un CErcfnr C IOK ■::. ... , .-.ict&r up

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