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KoralUn BioDenitrator

> La^ge internal volume with asmall footprint - Opl i m! eti ici ency tiroug h h ig h i M ernai recirculation indict Nitrale removal

> Top-oadliio tid wl^h detacha^le tubes lor easy maintenance

> Wo feeing liquid requifedl

> UliiapuresulphuHilltngSlMft

> For f^esh iind saltwater -se

Captive Purity BO/01 System

CaetivV} ferity regreseni the highest quality inM DSrnosia techno>OQy^

Meets far yjatisthftOOc of systems ^om ¿rtttirl

" mete1, Pi t,- - ¡rega iiitl Guest Sj^H Prangs iht^:




IS tPD Pns ftC'PI f-qw Si»1srn


American Marine & Monitors

> Using the moal tuiTenl technology and des-fjÄ these controllers jfld^ nromtprs ha^ bjÄöSfaf-mast resnir:.U?(flÄ < I nst r umerjlt a*-: and ftq^CLilw'aJpsjflj

> 2y^^ijri. ■ s bacterial compound thai Iw^fiest-jvo functions: Installing biological Fm wail on and d-geaiing aquarium wasie

Use wher Starting jp an aaua^um, during nitrale surges, alter filler cleaning, or in ¡>oor quality waiter

Digests organ, c waste, cieans the aqua nun rettuces nitrates. ohosohaies. tights algae and. through a probiotic elfect, reduces (lie rtsk ol unexplained illness tiMäbl


CeodueH*<l> Monii

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Our RT'liuäasiir r.uslni'' ■ -ü.jfj irre piles f^tr höbtryisfc .-qLiarium dUcäradiK Bud e«ivone m betwecti fUany pi /.-hen ¡y i raty pamdfiSte in üur ro-UFtis Wirh Ittfire lharl 5,000 rtiafiteiS, 10,DOG iüptfcj ¿irnl £0,000 i^XtS. our Inmmr, .nrc d Pütt» to find ausweis Ol cun-.eiw wilr* peers who ¡fare y^jr pasikfl the planted tank Text and Photos by Robert Paul Hudson

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