Echinodorus x barthii

Miihlberg (1986)

Family: Alismataceae.

Commercial name: Echinodorus "osiris double red."

Etymology: Echinodorus: see E. cischersoni-anus; barthii: after the breeder H. Barth. Distribution: No natural distribution. Description: Medium-sized hybrid, 10-20 cm tall and 20-40 cm wide in the aquarium. Emersed blade up to 50 cm petiolate, elliptic, narrow ovoid or narrow obovoid, up to 17 cm long, 10 cm wide. Apex acute; base round or slightly cordate. Submersed blade up to 10 cm petiolate, narrow elliptic, up to 12 cm long, 2-4(—6) cm wide, dark brown-red in color. Apex acute or obtuse aciculate; base acute or obtuse. Leaf margins slightly undulate and curled up towards the outside. Submersed 3-5, emersed 5-7 leaf veins. Pellucid lines long and medium-long.

Inflorescences in short-day emersed plants together with peduncle up to 1 m long with adventitious plants; 5-6 whorls. Flowers about 3.5 cm in size; 18-22 stamens. Nutlets fertile.

Culture: Due to the dark brown-red leaf col oration, it is a very decorative hybrid which is used in the front or central planting zone. Only the leaf margins, curled to the outside, appear obtrusive. Cultivation poses no problem in either soft or hard water. A bright location is essential. A nutrient-rich substrate is recommended. Temperature range is about 18-26 °C. Multiplication is only through adventitious plants, since different phenotypes will develop from any sowing of seeds originating from self-pollination. Other: The hybrid was introduced to aquaris-tics under the commercial name of E. "osiris double red" and erroneously described as E. barthii by Miihlberg in 1986 under the assumption that it is a good species. It is, however, undoubtedly a hybrid which possibly originated with an Australian plant breeder. According to the latter, E. uruguayensis is one of the two parent plant species. The author had the opportunity of viewing the Fl-generation of E. x barthii in the aqua plant nursery J. Hoechstetter, Trostberg, Germany, where a distinct segregation was noticeable. Further reading: Miihlberg (1986).

Echinodorus X barthii.

Echinodorus X barthii.

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