A lowlight aquarium

As we have seen, the correct lighting is vital for the continued growth and health of aquarium plants, but in some situations, providing suitably intense light may be costly or impractical. Luckily for the aquarist, there are plants that thrive in shady streams with little natural light, and these have adapted to grow in relatively dim conditions. Indeed, some of them will not do well if given too much light.

One limitation of low light conditions is that suitable foreground plants are hard to obtain. Because foreground plants are low growing, they do not receive as much light as taller plants nearer the water surface. This means that most foreground plants require a more intense light source in the aquarium. The exceptions to this rule are many Cryptocoryne species, which come from shallow streams, often shaded by terrestrial vegetation.

Many slow-growing plants, such as Java fern (Microsorium pteropus) or Anubias sp., can be kept in low-light conditions. Slow-growing plants generally have a slow metabolism, so they have less need of light energy. The plants in this display can be kept in a tank with one or two fluorescent tubes.

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