The publishers would like to thank Martin Petersen of Tropica Aquarium Plants A/S, Hjortshzij, Denmark for supplying plants for photography. Thanks are also due to Andy Green of Green Line Aquatic Plants, Spalding, Lines.; The Water Zoo, Peterborough; and Kerry at Heaver Tropics, Ash, Kent.


The Information and recommendations In this book are given without any guarantees on the part of the author and publishers, who disclaim any liability with the use of this material.

Planted Aquarium Filtration

The natural biology of plants • Water quality and filtration

Choosing substrates • Selecting plants • Planting techniques • Lighting • Feeding • Propagation • Essential maintenance • Aquascaping • Populating with fish


plete guide to more than ISO opular aquarium plants

Fully illustrated with more than 250 color photos and graphics

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