Acorus gramineus Variegatus

Common name: Variegated Japanese rush

Origin: East Asia

This tall, grassy plant produces numerous stiff, leathery leaves with a green base color and two or three white stripes along their entire length. The plant will survive up to a year submersed and grows in most rooting mediums. Potted plants produce thick, heavy roots that take nutrients directly from the water. In a reasonable substrate and with at least half the length of the leaf above water, the plant will spread by producing new shoots from the base. If kept underwater for too long, the older leaves will deteriorate and should be removed. A similar variety, Acorus gramineus var. aureovariegatus, has yellow stripes and slightly wider leaves.

Maximum height:

Area: Midground, Background, Specimen, or unusual

Light: Undemanding

Propagation: From cuttings at the base

Acorus Gramineus AureovariegatusCaladium Artificial
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