Ammannia gracilis

Common name: Delicate ammannia, Red ammannia Origin: Africa

With its unusual leaf shape, Ammannia gracilis can look very effective when planted in groups and set against other plants with light green leaves. For the best effect, use shorter foreground plants around the base. The leaves vary in length depending on aquarium conditions. In good conditions, they may reach 4-4.7 In (10-12 cm) long, but 3.2-4 in (8-10 cm) is more usual. For the best results, provide bright lighting and a nutrient- and iron-rich, loose substrate. Under moderate lighting the leaves may appear thin and/or weak. Bright lighting intensifies the leaf color.

Maximum height: 10-20 in (25-50 cm)

Growth rate: Medium to Fast, depending on conditions

Area: Background, Midground

Light: Very Bright

Propagation: From cuttings and side shoots

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