Aponogeton ulvaceus

Common name: Compact aponogeton Origin: Sri Lanka

This aponogeton sports the common wavy-edged leaves of the genus, although the light green 1.6-2.4 In (4-6 cm)-wide leaves often appear smooth, shiny, and slightly fleshy. The plant often grows in spurts, producing numerous new leaves before slowing down and eventually shedding the old ones. In bright light it will grow taller.

The highly ruffled leaves of Aponogeton ulvaceus may vary in color and sometimes appear pale green-yellow. This is a natural coloration and should not be confused with a nutrient deficiency. Given time, the plant will produce many leaves and become a good showpiece.

Maximum height: 14-16 in (35-40 cm)

Growth rate: Medium

Area: Background, Midground, Specimen, or unusual

Light: Moderate to bright

Propagation: From seed

Difficulty: 2, 3

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