Above: The small leaves of Azolla sp. have a velvety appearance, as a result of many fine hairs, which help to resist water and keep the plant afloat.

Small, surface-dwelling fish such as this honey gourami (Colisa sota) appreciate the cover provided by floating plants.

Small Leaf Aquarium PlantsRound Bacopa

Above: Good lighting will allow Bacopa monnieri to grow compactly, with smaller spaces between the leaves. This often produces a better-looking plant and reduces the need for regular pruning.

Bacopa rotundifolia

Common name: Round bacopa Origin: Southern United States Maximum height: 16 in (40 cm) Growth rate: Medium Area: Midground, Foreground Light: Bright

Temperature: 72-79°F (22-26°C) Propagation: From cuttings Difficulty: 3

Although commonly available, this is not an easy aquarium plant to care for. Good lighting is essential for good health, as is iron fertilization, both in the substrate and by adding liquid fertilizer. The light-green, 1.2 in- (3 cm-) long leaves are round-oval in shape. Both the leaves and stem are delicate and should be handled with care, particularly during transport. Damaged areas will simply rot away; if just one part of the stem is damaged, the rest will also die.

In low light some stems will grow rapidly, with larger spaces (nodes) between the leaves.

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