Elodea canadensis

Common name: Canadian pondweed Origin: North America

Elodea canadensis is very similar in appearance to Egeria densa, and often sold as such, but does not tolerate warmer water as well as E. densa. Use it in groups of five or more for the best display. In good conditions, the plant will grow rapidly and may need regular pruning. Cutting will also result in the production of side shoots, creating a denser, bushier display. The plant is a good coldwater and pond subject; in tropical aquariums it may become weak over time. An adaptable specimen with no special requirements.

Maximum height: 20 in (50 cm) or more

Growth rate: Medium to Fast

Area: Background Light: Moderate to Bright

Temperature: 50-68°F (10-20°C) Propagation: From cuttings Difficulty: 1, 2

Scientific name:

Eusteralis stellata

Common name: Star rotala

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