Fixing items

Many types of decor, such as lava rock or cork bark, can be used to create a three-dimensional background in the aquarium. An almost vertical (rather than sloped) background will need to be firmly fixed in place to prevent any rocks from falling and damaging the glass panels of the aquarium. Silicone sealant is ideal for fixing items to glass and to each other, although the items must be fixed whilst the aquarium is dry. A good method to use for creating a backdrop is to carry out a dry run first and work out where you want each item of decor to be placed. Once this is done, clean and dry the individual items of decor to remove any dust before siliconing them securely in place.

In most cases, the silicone will be applied in areas that will not be visible, so it does not have to be very neatly done. It is usually better to use too much, rather than too little silicone. Any excess that can be seen from the front of the aquarium can be removed later with a sharp knife.

If the background is quite steep and likely to collapse until fully secured, place the empty aquarium on its back while you fix the rocks in position. It is a good idea to build up larger backgrounds in stages, allowing each stage to set so that you can check that everything is firmly secured before attaching another group of rocks. Placing the aquarium on its back while fixing rocks also gives you the opportunity to create overhangs and outcrops of rocks that can be used as planting areas and that also produce interesting shading effects in the lights.

Silicone sealant can also be used to fix together smaller individual rocks to create caves and hiding spots for the aquarium fish or to fix buoyant items to glass or rocks. Silicone sealant should be used only on dry items and you must wait for about three days before adding any water to the aquarium.

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    Can i fix rocks with silicone in the aquarium?
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    Can i use any silicone for fixing aquarium background?
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