Floating plants

Pistia stratiotes (Water lettuce)

Salvinia auriculata (Salvinia)

Cryptocoryne parva

Cabomba piauhyensis (Red cabomba)

Nuphar japĆ³nica (Spatterdock)

Salvinia auriculata (Salvinia). Floating plants cast welcome shade on the plants positioned beneath them in the aquarium.

Egeria densa (Elodea)

Hygrophila corymbosa

Aquarium Floating Plants

Cryptocoryne affinis The background, floating, and wood-rooted plants take most nutrients from the water, and the foreground cryptocorynes will do well with liquid fertilizers and C02. Substrate is, therefore, relatively unimportant in this aquarium and a simple small-grade lime-free or pea gravel substrate will suffice.

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