Liquid fertilizers

Several "off-the-shelf" liquid fertilizers are available for aquatic plants, but they should be used with caution because over-fertilization can cause problems with algae and metal toxicity. Generally speaking, you get what you pay for when you buy liquid fertilizers; some of the more specialized products are far more valuable and contain the correct quantities of the required nutrients without oversupplying or lacking some elements.

Liquid fertilizers can be particularly useful in supplying chelated iron to the aquarium. Although iron is a micro-nutrient and needed only in small quantities, it is often unavailable in the aquarium unless it is provided in a chelated form that will slowly release a usable form of iron over long periods.

Many of the nutrients in liquid fertilizers will become unusable after a short period, usually through binding with other elements or through oxidation. For this reason it is important to dose the aquarium on a regular basis, normally weekly or every two weeks.

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