Placing plants in the aquarium

Eleocharis Parviflorus

Cryptocoryne albida Cryptocoryne balansae Cryptocoryne beckettii Cryptocoryne ciliata Cryptocoryne cordata Cryptocoryne lutea Cryptocoryne moehlmannll Cryptocoryne pontederilfolia Cryptocoryne undulata Cryptocoryne walkeri Cryptocoryne wendtil Didiplis dlandra Echlnodorus amazonicus Echinodorus cordlfolius Echlnodorus horemanll Echinodorus opacus Echinodorus osiris Echinodorus parviflorus Echinodorus quadricostatus var.

xlnguensis Echinodorus uruguayensis Egerla densa Eichhornia azurea Eleocharis acicularis Eleocharis parvula Eleocharis vivĂ­para Eusteralis stellata

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