Rocks In A Planted Aquarium

The following inert rocks are safe to use: coal, basalt, flint, granite, sandstone, quartz, slate, and lava rock.

Rocks to avoid include chalk, limestone, marble, and tufa rock.

Calcareous rocks are often brittle or porous in appearance and should not be used in a planted aquarium.

Cobbles make good additions to the aquarium foreground.

Once washed, coal is a striking rock that is safe to use in the aquarium.

The difference between a well-planted aquarium and a stunning display aquarium lies in good aquascaping. Aquascaping is not just a matter of placing plants and decor in the right combinations or in the right places, it means being creative, imaginative - even inspired. There are certainly methods of planting and guidelines to positioning that will help you create a good display aquarium, but ultimately, the design should be the realization of your personal vision.

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