Suitable aquarium decor

These days, aquarists are faced with a wide range of rocks, wood, and other decor, but not all materials are suitable for a planted aquarium. When making a choice, it is often best to keep things simple and stick to, say, one or two types of rock, rather than crowd the aquarium with all manner of objects. All the decor should, of course, be bought and not collected from the wild. Clean it well before using it in the aquarium.

water quality by releasing calcium and carbonates that raise the pH and water hardness. There is a simple test that you can carry out on rocks to check whether they are suitable; simply put a few drops of vinegar on the rock, and if it fizzes or shows any kind of reaction do not use the rock. The fizzing is a result of the acidic vinegar reacting with the alkaline substances present in the rock. Calcareous rocks can be used in hardwater and marine aquariums, but not in planted or general community aquariums.

In the planted aquarium, rocks fulfill a number of roles, both practical and aesthetic. Smaller cobbles and pebbles can be used in the foreground, creating gaps between smaller plants and making open spaces more interesting. Larger rocks in the midground can also be used as breaks between planting areas and as bolsters to create raised substrate areas. Porous rocks, particularly lava rock, can be used as rooting media for plants such as Java fern (Microsorium pteropus) or Anubias species.

Granite pieces can be stacked or used individually.

Quartz is an interestingly colored rock.

Rocks Be careful when choosing rocks; most are inert and suitable for the aquarium. They will have no effect on the environment, but others are calcareous and will adversely affect

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The COMPLETE guide to Aquariums

The COMPLETE guide to Aquariums

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