Tablet fertilizers

Tablet fertilizers provide a localized supply of nutrients. They are concentrated forms of nutrient-rich substrate additives and particularly high in iron. Some faster-growing plants use vast amounts of iron, and supplying a concentrated source at the roots will help to prevent iron deficiency problems. Deficiencies in other plants, which may not be able to compete for available iron as quickly, will also be reduced or prevented. Do not use tablets as a "whole-aquarium" solution to universal fertilization or iron fertilization, but only to provide an additional source of nutrients for individual plants. Tablets are not required, even locally, when soil-based substrates are used.

Above: Liquid fertilization is a useful method of short-term fertilization, although correct dosage is important. Pour the measured dose into the water. Adding too much often causes more problems than adding too little.

Right: A thin layer of nutrient-rich substrate at the level of the lower half of the roots will provide a valuable long-term source of nutrients for all the rooted plants in the aquarium display.

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